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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Tips Tuesday : 5/8/2018 : Pencil sharpener for survival?

Pencil sharpener for survival?

Once in a while, the most helpful survival instruments are the frequently disregarded. Not many of us would see a customary pencil sharpener and figure it could be utilized for anything other than putting points on pencils—all things considered.  Usually you would not think survival when thinking of one of these little apparatuses. Embedding a pencil into a sharpener and sharpening it produces spirals of tinder material, and it beyond any doubt beats whittling without end wood shavings with a blade. Sticks can be sharpened for use as arrows using a simple pencil sharpener as well. A pencil sharpener is one more tiny tool that can be used for survival if you ever have to survive off the grid.

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Here is where they have some pencil sharpeners that could be used off the grid for sharpening and making tinder for your fire starting.

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