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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Tips Tuesday : 4/24/2018

Home made fire starter:

All your requirement for this little undertaking are the corks, a jar and 90% rubbing alcohol.

Add the cork stoppers to your container leaving no less than 2" of room at the best as the corks will swell. Pour the alcohol over them until the point that it touches the base portion and screw the top on.

It's best to abandon them waiting for seven days to go by , however some havee found that they were usable even following several days.

To light a fire, take a cork and light it. you should utilize cautiousness, the plugs are doused with liquor so the fire will spread rapidly. The most secure way is handle the corks are with tongs, at that point light it and precisely position it where you need in the fire pit or campfire.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Tips Tuesday : 4/17/2018

Notice : This Tip might not be one to follow . This pic is funny though.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Tips Tuesday : 4/10/2018

Tips Tuesday : 4/10/2018

   Mosquitoes are no laughing matter for sure out in the wilderness and every way you have to keep them away the better it will be for you and your party of survivors. Throwing Sage in your campfire is a great way to help repel mosquitoes from your group.

Here is where I have found people that sell pretty cheaply sage. Note these sellers are not I, but amazon is a pretty safe place to shop.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Tips Tuesday : 4/3/2018

Tips Tuesday : 4/3/2018

Re-hydrate dry soil?

   Since tree leaves and wood are high in oils they tend to hurt soil that are low in organic matter and low in clay. A simple Tuesday Tip is to apply Eco-friendly dish washing soap next time you water. When soil becomes to dry it tends to begin repelling water instead of letting it soak into the ground. Applying the tiny bit of Eco-friendly dish soap helps to break down the oils letting the soil start to absorb the water better.
   A little dish soap goes a long way.

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