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Friday, March 23, 2018

Survive off the grid Purpose

Survive off the grid Purpose:

   First things first I would like to start off saying I do not believe everyone should up and leave society all at once. Do not cut all ties and hide or head for the hills. Having said that though , I now would like to say, what would you do if I said you had to up and leave the grids comforts now? Would you be prepared to do so or parish? Who all do you have to protect and make sure they are part of maybe a small percentage of the civilization that lives on? I grew up in the Boy Scouts of America and achieved becoming an Eagle Scout. In all those years it took on the road to achieve Eagle Scout, the feeling of needing to be prepared for anything that might occur became strong. I feel it is best to show or at least put together somethings like plans or items that might assist you and your fellow survivors in some of the emergency situations that might have even a small chance of becoming reality.  

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