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Sunday, August 26, 2018

Poor sanitation threatens public health

A lot of people think about Food,Water,Weapons, and many other things, but are you prepared for safe basic personal hygiene?

Please look into what your family or friends might need for that Bug in spot maybe at your home if power went off for an expanded amount of time and you were forced to survive off the grid, or for that Bug out shelter or camping spot you have set up off the beaten path.

"Good basic personal hygiene and handwashing are critical to help prevent the spread of illness and disease. ... Hygiene is especially important in an emergency such as a flood, hurricane, or earthquake, but finding clean, safe running water can sometimes be difficult".Oct 12, 2017
Personal Hygiene After a Disaster or Emergency|Floods - CDC

Thursday, August 16, 2018


Hello there , 

     It is extremely important to stay informed and to be able to find good deals on some of the important items out there for sale to help get you self sustained in case the grid goes down and you and your family,friends,or whom ever you have to watch over and protect if the SHTF. This blog has RSS feeds  to Food Recalls, CDC Outbreak updates, CDC online news room, and Homeland security (DHS)  newswire, and more.



Friday, August 10, 2018

Posting Telepathically Today

Your are most welcome from surviveoffthegrid ! 

Also while you are here you should check out these great products we ran across that people are selling on amazon !! We are not these sellers but I believe amazon is a safe place to shop. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Fresh fish for continued fishing - Tips Tuesday

 hello there from survive Off the Grid. Are you ever fishing and would rather have your fish stay fresh while you continue to fish for more ?  here is a helpful tip from survive Off the Grid. This technique will keep you from having to use the Stringer,  bucket, or net . all you need is a old laundry basket, a pool noodle, and some zip ties . First you get the pool noodles and attach them to the top of the laundry basket with the zip ties . Then on step two you catch the fish and put them in the laundry basket while it is in the water . And at last there is step 3 where you continue fishing . This provides a temperature the fish will be better with and less stress on your catch . You could also use a milk crates instead of the laundry basket but you would have to tie some sort of netting to the top . We will try to get you some more tips like these from survive Off the grid . Sometimes fishing can be a very important part of survival in many instances so tips like these can help make hard situations just a little bit easier.

Here is where I have found people that sell pretty cheaply some of the materials used in making these crafts. Note these sellers are not I, but amazon is a pretty safe place to shop. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Tips Tuesday : 6/5/2018 : Cayenne - Off Grid Medicinal

Cayenne - Off Grid Medicinal 

Cayenne pepper accomplishes more than adding a dash of flavor to your feast. Since quite a while ago hailed as a supernatural occurring almost magical substance, this hot pepper can quit the flow of blood in under sixty seconds in most cases. Cayenne responds with the body to even out the circulatory equalizing the blood pressure, implying that blood will rapidly clot when the pressure is balanced.

Cayenne pepper levels the circulatory blood pressure and permits cuts—even profound cuts—to clump rapidly so you can keep all your blood inside your body, where it has a place. You can either sprinkle it on dry, or blend it with some water to create a gauze. It'll sting a touch obviously, yet it's really an attempted and-genuine healer—so it's great to have some handy.

Ground cayenne can be sprinkled straight onto the injury. It can likewise be broken down in a touch of water and used to immerse onto a bit of bandage gauze that is set over the injury.

Cayenne likewise attempts to enhance blood flow, help absorption, fortify sweat and salivation and reduce torment from swollen or ligament joints and appendages.

You'll receive the rewards of cayenne in the event that you incorporate it as a standard piece of your eating regimen. You will, in any case, need to eat a lot of it to rise to one teaspoon for every serving, except this hot pepper adds energy to various sustenance things: pasta, pizza, eggs, sauces, stews and whatever else you may typically sprinkle with conventional black pepper will profit from the benefits of cayenne and its almost miracle working capabilities.

Here is where I have found people that sell pretty cheaply cayenne. Note these sellers are not I, but amazon is a pretty safe place to shop. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Tips Tuesday : 5/8/2018 : Pencil sharpener for survival?

Pencil sharpener for survival?

Once in a while, the most helpful survival instruments are the frequently disregarded. Not many of us would see a customary pencil sharpener and figure it could be utilized for anything other than putting points on pencils—all things considered.  Usually you would not think survival when thinking of one of these little apparatuses. Embedding a pencil into a sharpener and sharpening it produces spirals of tinder material, and it beyond any doubt beats whittling without end wood shavings with a blade. Sticks can be sharpened for use as arrows using a simple pencil sharpener as well. A pencil sharpener is one more tiny tool that can be used for survival if you ever have to survive off the grid.

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Here is where they have some pencil sharpeners that could be used off the grid for sharpening and making tinder for your fire starting.

Also if you like free fire starters click HERE ...GET THIS $15 Optic Fire Starter FREE!

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Solar energy spill?

To be prepared to survive off the grid you have to stay healthy. Get out there and enjoy these solar energy spills. 
Some say that we ought to go out in the sun without sunblock for in the vicinity of five and 15 minutes every day, no less than three times each week in spring and summer, to support our vitamin D levels.

You can likewise get vitamin D from your eating regimen - oily fish, for example,  types like tuna and salmon fish, is a decent source - as is margarine, milk, eggs and fortified breakfast grains. Be that as it may, the greater part of us essentially don't eat well enough to get sufficient sums, leaving the sun as the essential wellspring of this critical vitamin.

Daylight supports levels of serotonin - the body's normal upbeat hormone. That is the reason we tend to feel more joyful and more vivacious when the sun shines.People more inclined to pass on of coronary illness in winter than in summer, which is accepted to be a direct result of low levels of vitamin D. Cholesterol levels additionally ascend in winter which is likewise thought to be from absence of vitamin D. It is likewise thought by numerous to help against diabetes. People get the winter blues when they can not go out in solar energy spills for a long period of time. Researchers have likewise noticed that the occurrence of MS is brought down in sunnier nations. Being out in the sun warms the body's muscles and facilitates solidness, lessening the agony caused by inflammatory conditions such as arthritis. ALTHOUGH over exposure to the sun expands your danger of skin cancer, vitamin D given by daylight can really help to fundamentally decrease your danger of different kinds of other cancers. let's assume it decreases levels of the hormone melatonin which suppresses fertility, so it is more probable you'll conceive in summer. MELATONIN additionally controls rest, so having lower levels of this hormone in your body surrenders you more get up and go. This is the reason you require less rest in summer yet at the same time feel livelier. Besides, being woken by natural light instead of a noisy alarm clock makes you feel more positive when you rise an shine yourself. But you better not take our word on it, Go out and have some fun, out there in the solar energy 

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Tips Tuesday : 5/1/2018

Utilizing spider made webs or cobwebs has been done way back in history, when Greeks and Romans treated injured fighters with it.  In spite of the fact that Greeks and Romans know next to nothing about viral and bacterial contamination, through experimentation and trial and error, they found the amazing advantages of spider webs and cobwebs. Warriors would even utilize a blend of nectar(honey) and vinegar to clean deepest of  injuries and after that cover the entire thing with bunched up cobwebs or spider webs.

An open injury treated with a group of cobwebs or spider webs will dry out quicker. Webs have antifungal and sterile properties that keep microscopic organisms away, limiting the odds of a contamination. Likewise, cobwebs or spider webs are high in vitamin K, a vitamin that triggers blood thickening! 

apparently overlooked — strategy for treating cuts and scratches: spiderwebs. Apply spiderwebs on cuts for normal injury fixing. The web appears to cause clotting quickly and it solidifies to shape a characteristic scab that promptly peels off when wet. 

cobwebs or spider webs make for a great normal treatment for cuts and scratches! This is a long-overlooked characteristic solution for fixing open injuries and quickening mending. Indeed, even present day science has held onto cobwebs or spider webs as an extraordinary treatment for scratches and wounds. 

Spider webs are incredibly strong. It's produced using silk delivered from the body proteins of the creepy crawly, transforming it into silk through spinnerets. The spinnerets are situated on an insect's stomach area. Every creepy crawly has three or four spinnerets. Inside the spinnerets are various nozzles associated with a solitary silk organ. 

The creepy crawly silk begins in fluid form. As the material is being drawn out of the creepy crawly's body, it starts to solidify. This development actually changes the basic parts of the protein. 

The creepy crawly silk could be more grounded than a string of steel in level with thickness yet it's greatly adaptable; so adaptable that an arachnid can turn diverse examples without breaking the material. This unlikely creepy crawly product becomes a great tool form many that might like to Survive off the grid.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Tips Tuesday : 4/24/2018

Home made fire starter:

All your requirement for this little undertaking are the corks, a jar and 90% rubbing alcohol.

Add the cork stoppers to your container leaving no less than 2" of room at the best as the corks will swell. Pour the alcohol over them until the point that it touches the base portion and screw the top on.

It's best to abandon them waiting for seven days to go by , however some havee found that they were usable even following several days.

To light a fire, take a cork and light it. you should utilize cautiousness, the plugs are doused with liquor so the fire will spread rapidly. The most secure way is handle the corks are with tongs, at that point light it and precisely position it where you need in the fire pit or campfire.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Tips Tuesday : 4/17/2018

Notice : This Tip might not be one to follow . This pic is funny though.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Tips Tuesday : 4/10/2018

Tips Tuesday : 4/10/2018

   Mosquitoes are no laughing matter for sure out in the wilderness and every way you have to keep them away the better it will be for you and your party of survivors. Throwing Sage in your campfire is a great way to help repel mosquitoes from your group.

Here is where I have found people that sell pretty cheaply sage. Note these sellers are not I, but amazon is a pretty safe place to shop.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Tips Tuesday : 4/3/2018

Tips Tuesday : 4/3/2018

Re-hydrate dry soil?

   Since tree leaves and wood are high in oils they tend to hurt soil that are low in organic matter and low in clay. A simple Tuesday Tip is to apply Eco-friendly dish washing soap next time you water. When soil becomes to dry it tends to begin repelling water instead of letting it soak into the ground. Applying the tiny bit of Eco-friendly dish soap helps to break down the oils letting the soil start to absorb the water better.
   A little dish soap goes a long way.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Survive off the grid Purpose

Survive off the grid Purpose:

   First things first I would like to start off saying I do not believe everyone should up and leave society all at once. Do not cut all ties and hide or head for the hills. Having said that though , I now would like to say, what would you do if I said you had to up and leave the grids comforts now? Would you be prepared to do so or parish? Who all do you have to protect and make sure they are part of maybe a small percentage of the civilization that lives on? I grew up in the Boy Scouts of America and achieved becoming an Eagle Scout. In all those years it took on the road to achieve Eagle Scout, the feeling of needing to be prepared for anything that might occur became strong. I feel it is best to show or at least put together somethings like plans or items that might assist you and your fellow survivors in some of the emergency situations that might have even a small chance of becoming reality.  

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